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It’s been actually a while since I don’t post anything here. I haven’t read any news about Sabel, no new pictures about her. But that actually matters? I think what really matters is to remember her forever as a lovely woman she was. Her birthday was last month, April 18th. Had no time to say Happy birthday but I’m pretty sue she knows that I wish her every year a wonderful birthday.  Here’s a picture of my two favorite blondes!

Debby Harry and Sabel Starr, circa 1978

Anonymous :  johnny thunders also wrote hurt me about sabel and other groupies, right??

I didn’t know that! Maybe yes because it was written by Richard H. too

Anonymous :  She was just unpaid whore. Only some of you old people remember her. Is she dead ? she must be like 80 or what.. Boring old sluts...

Think whatever you want. If you don’t like her, don’t come over here to say stupid shit about her.

This is definitely one of my favorite pictures of Sabel, just look at those legs!
I have always wondered if she’s naked
”What you want is in the limo”
When I saw this book for a second I got excited and thought it was a book about Sabel, sadly it isn’t and the author only mention’s Led Zeppelin’s groupies, no information about Sabel but I stil wanted to share this book, what a great picture the writer choose!!
August 15, 1957 - August 15, 2013
Too bad I had no time to say a few words to Sabel. But here I am.
Happy belated birthday, doll. You would have turned 56 golden years… I miss you so much, woman. You’re my hero, it’d be so amazing if you knew how much I admire you. I know you’re having fun up there with your loved ones. But down here, we are pretty much sad to know that you aren’t here, partying with your children and family. Hopefully, you’ll meet them, and I’ll meet you, finally. <3 I love you, Sabel. Thank God for you.
Cheetah Chrome, Sabel Starr and Stiv Bators back in 1977. Thanks so much zombiesenelghetto for sharing this photo!
Sabel and Ray Manzarek in 1974.  Rest in peace! : (
Well it’s been 4 years since Sabel passed away… and four years is a long time ago now. I always find it really sad that I never had the pleasure to meet you, miss Shields. Sometimes I think that I will meet you on the street and say Hi to you and how much I admire you, how much I would like to have a picture with you and if I had one, I would tell everyone ”I met Sabel Starr, the muse of the biggest punk musicians, the queen, the real queen of the groupies!”
I admire you in every single way, Sabel Hay Shields, from the moment you defined your personality, the way you were always honest about your stories, the amusing way you have always been that every musician you met LOVED, the way in which you were having the worst serious problems, you could go on showing us that sincere, cheerful and wonderful smile that NEVER dissapeared in your face.
I know you’re up there, looking at your friends, your family, your children and your fans. I know that you’re in a better place, enjoying eternal vacations without any worries, any pain.
I made a collage collecting all the photographs in which Sabel is flashing her cheerful smile. I didn’t see her smile, but others did. And I know that she’s still smiling that way in heaven.
Rest in peace, Sabel. We will never forget you, we will always love you. xx
Anonymous :  Why did Sabel passed away?

She had brain cancer. She died in her sleep.